Ms. Tanya’s Workshop: Discovery Diaries

Empower Generations nature journal nature art by learners

Over the past two weeks, Ms. Tanya’s learners have been diving into their Discovery Diaries projects. The driving question for the project is “How can I use nature journaling to record my observations of nature, analyze my observations, and inspire my creativity?”

This week Ms. Tanya would like to highlight the works of two of our nature journalists:

The first is Hamidah McKenzie. Hamidah is creating a unique nature journal full of sketches and observations. Hamidah demonstrated creativity in highlighting the process of photosynthesis in her second series of Discovery Diary Entries.

The second is Donye Mickels, who created Ephemeral Earth Art. This is an art piece that lasts for a very short time. Donye created a heart made of leaves just in time for the month of February.

Nature journaling is the practice of drawing or writing in response to observations of nature. This project will result in the creation of a unique nature journal that will demonstrate each learner’s creativity. The practice of nature journaling increases mindfulness (or clears one’s mind), attention to detail, and appreciation of beauty. It improves your recognition of different species as well as your understanding of where and how they live.


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