Monday Message for October 14, 2019

Message from the Director

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Dear Families,

We hope that you were able to spend some time “Sharpening the Saw” and catching up on any missing work last week. Staff spent the week together reviewing Advisory ideas, learning new strategies from our Student Support Symposium, digging deep into Outdoor Classroom and Play-based learning while refining our assessments and Empower Generations Playbook. This week, we are celebrating our first annual Fall Festival on Thursday from 5-7 p.m.! Please bring your family and friends to check out all the fun booths! We are eager to see you all back this week!

With Gratitude,
Malaka Donovan

New Workshops

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We have begun our next set of workshops for the next 5 weeks:

September 30th-November 8th

Ms. Jeanette

Driving Question: How do we step up to become better stewards of our environment?

Competencies: Scientific Investigation & Persuasion

In this project cycle, learners will be exploring what it means to be stewards of their environment and pushing for change in their communities. We began the cycle by investigating which sorbents are best at cleaning up oil spills and how density plays a role in the process. Learners compared aquatic oil spills to desert spills and began theorizing what threats are greatest to their personal urban ecosystem. As the cycle progresses learners will search for scientific solutions to local problems which strike chords within their hearts and create calls to action for their community.

Mr. Rob

Driving Question: How can I improve my employment and problem solving skills by studying the path to success in a medical or fitness profession?

Competencies: Authentic Problem Solving, Divergent Thinking, & Scientific Analysis and Investigation

Ms. Tanya

Driving Question: How can I increase my writing stamina to find the good within myself?

Competencies: Literary Analysis & Self Expression through Various Mediums

DONATIONS NEEDED!!!!:  8 x 10 canvases, acrylic paints, various size paint brushes.  Thank you!

Ms. Jenna

Driving Question: How can I use research to create a high quality YouTube video that teaches, entertains, and informs?

Competencies: Global Research & Analysis & Generating Meaningful Questions

Go Green Club Working in the Community


Our Go Green Club presented their courtyard beautification plan to our School Site Property Manager last week. The mutual goal is to work together with other community members, including Home Depot and local architects, to create a sustainable and beautiful outdoor space in our courtyard.

Learning Period 2 Ends This Week

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As Learning Period 2 ends this Friday, Oct. 18, please check with your learner that they have the following completed:

  • Learning Samples in Work Sample Folders
  • Unit Logs complete
  • Reflection complete and emailed home

MOAH Field Study This Week


Ms. Tanya’s Workshop will have the opportunity to visit our local museum, Lancaster Museum of Art and History on Wednesday and Thursday for this week’s writing prompts. Please make sure to return your Field Studies Slip no later than Wednesday morning

Upcoming Events


Wed. & Thurs., October 16th & 17th: MOAH Field Study

Wed., October 17th: 1st Annual Fall Festival

Fri., October 18th:  End of LP 2

Sat., October 19th: Applebee’s Pancake Fundraiser

Fri., October 25th: Cheer Squad Car Wash

Mon., November 11th: Veterans Day | Site Closed

Fri., November 22nd: Family Multicultural Feast

November 25th-November 29th: Thanksgiving Break | Site Closed

Oct. Community Night – It’s Time for Fall Festival


Our next community night is Thursday, October 17th, from 5-7 p.m., and our first Fall Festival will be taking place in our courtyard. Our site clubs would love for you to come and participate in their Fall-themed booths. Tickets are $1 each.

Fall Festival Flyer

Need a Car Wash?


empower Generations

Who Loves Pancakes for Breakfast?


Join us for a pancake breakfast and help support Empower Generations, this Saturday, Oct. 19th, from 8-10 a.m.

Pining for pancakes_

Empowered Babies


Driving Question: How can we use our senses to explore, learn and grow while we play?

For the next few weeks we will be exploring the different types of play with our babies in addition to a new writing project in our Advisory. 



Empowered Families Need Donations


Thank you to those who have made recent donations.  Donated items keeps our curriculum fresh and innovative.

We are in need of donations to support our learner programs.

Current needs include:

  • Cupcake tray
  • Different color sheer fabric
  • Sand Paper 
  • Tape (Duct, Painters, Masking, Scotch); open to colored or patterned, too
  • Sprinkles
  • Glycerin
  • Baby Oil 
  • Rice 
  • Craft Pom-Poms
  • Wisk 
  • Ribbon

Morning Mindfulness


Each morning from 8:30-9 a.m., our site offers a time of mindfulness for the whole school community. Some of the options include yoga, coloring, quiet spaces for meditation, making rain, and more.  

8 Things to Know About Mindfulness:

  • Mindfulness is not obscure or exotic. It’s familiar to us because it’s what we already do, how we already are. It takes many shapes and goes by many names.
  • Mindfulness is not a special added thing we do. We already have the capacity to be present, and it doesn’t require us to change who we are. But we can cultivate these innate qualities with simple practices that are scientifically demonstrated to benefit ourselves, our loved ones, our friends and neighbors, the people we work with, and the institutions and organizations we take part in
  • You don’t need to change. Solutions that ask us to change who we are or become something we’re not have failed us over and over again. Mindfulness recognizes and cultivates the best of who we are as human beings.
  • Mindfulness has the potential to become a transformative social phenomenon. Here’s why:
  • Anyone can do it. Mindfulness practice cultivates universal human qualities and does not require anyone to change their beliefs. Everyone can benefit and it’s easy to learn.
  • It’s a way of living.  Mindfulness is more than just a practice. It brings awareness and caring into everything we do—and it cuts down needless stress. Even a little makes our lives better.
  • It’s evidence-based. We don’t have to take mindfulness on faith. Both science and experience demonstrate its positive benefits for our health, happiness, work, and relationships.
  • It sparks innovation. As we deal with our world’s increasing complexity and uncertainty, mindfulness can lead us to effective, resilient, low-cost responses to seemingly intransigent problems.