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This week we will be introducing our workshops and really into our competencies! Check out below for each Guide’s introductions.

Clothing for a Cause

Join Mr. Sean and Ms. Jeanette for an exploration of how mathematics can make us more successful! In this project, learners will choose a charity to support and use data to make the best possible choices in designing and promoting merch to raise support for the charity. Learners will be exploring topics such as measures of center and linear equations as they make predictions and create digital designs. Be ready to take your math out of the class and into the community!

Contact Information: sean.rafferty@empowergenerations.org and jeanette.chadwick@empowergenerations.org 

The Power of Stories 

During this project, learners will be introduced to the power of storytelling and the power behind their personal stories have to make a positive influence. The driving question for this project will be “How can I share my story through the use of media so I can become a positive influence?”  During the first week, students will look at various social media influencers and how they are considered to be storytellers that allow them to build an online community and make a positive influence. Learners will understand how a story is structured by learning and analyzing the plot diagram. -Ms. Kim

Contact Information:kimberly.martinez-melchor@empowergenerations.org 

Level Up!  Storytelling and Video Game Design

“Video games have become the next great storytelling method — so much that universities have started to study the entertainment form as such a medium. While Pac-Man will always be beloved, developers are now releasing games that will have you lying awake wondering what happens to your favorite character. And, as a result, video games are now emerging as a legitimate form of literature.Melissa Singer Mar 26, 2019

 In this project, learners will answer the driving question “How can I use effective storytelling to design an entertaining video game for my intended audience?” 

Learners will assume the role of a videogame designer. They will need to submit a video game design to the fictional Nin, Ten, and Do, Inc. in the hopes that it will be selected for production. Learners will complete a Video Game Submission Application where they will need to consider plot, conflict, setting, character, and mood. 

Additionally, learners will have to demonstrate their ability to write both narrative and expository text.  Learners will demonstrate their creativity as they explore a new form of literature in digital media.

Contact Information: tanya.fornelli@empowergenerations.org

Active Movement

Dear iLEAD families, 

My name is Mr. Rob and I will be offering an amazing elective class called Active Movement. We will be learning how to maintain a healthy lifestyle by learning how important Stretching, nutrition, and calisthenics are in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I look forward to offering this wonderful workshop to ALL learners. 

Calisthenics Focus

In week three of Active Movement with Mr Rob, we will be focusing on Calisthenic movements. We will learn about Core strength, Upper body strength and lower body strength as it pertains to body control. Our goal this week is for each learner to learn how to do five full sit-ups and push-up’s.

Contact Information: If you have any questions please contact me at Robert.sterling@ileadinnovationstudios.org

CTE Entrepreneurship 101 

The CTE Entrepreneurship class will begin as part of an elective course and we will be exploring what it means to be an entrepreneur over the next six weeks. We will dive into personality traits, passions, and vocabulary. 

Contact Information: Any questions danielle.padilla@empowergenerations.org


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